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A family home surrounded by a Rubber plantation, has a long and interesting history to this special bungalow, we call our home, which has been in our family for generations, from the time of king Sri Wikkrama Rajasinghe
  Historical Background
  This location in the western province has evidence dating back to 3-4000 years before the present (B.P) as an area where the pre historic man had lived. Asmadala, Korathota, Samanbedda, and Varana is some of the places where archaeologist have found this evidence close to Hanwella in Western Province. During the historical period from about the 3rd C.B.C after the arrival of Buddhism to the country, several places in the western province close to Hanwella were occupied by meditating Bhikkhus in caves at sites such as Korathota , Pilikuttuwa, Maligathenna, Varana and other places as attested by the 3rd – 1st C.B.C. inscriptions in the caves used by them. The caves at Lenawara Raja. Maha Viharaya is complete with ancient drip–ledges in caves but no inscriptions for dating the Temple are found at the site.
  From very early times to later periods when foreign powers such as the Portuguese, Dutch and British arrived in Sri Lanka. Hanwella was one of the main travel routes used for crossing the river to precede to Kandy. The old ford (Thotupola) used to cross the river may be the one still used wich is next to the Rest House at Hanwella. In 1521 when King Mayadunne (1521 – 1581 A.D.)started the sithawaka Kingdom at Avissawella he fortified Hanwella to guard against the kotte kingdom and the Portuguese Invaders who occupying the Fort of Colombo. At the end of the sithawaka Kingdom in 1594 A.D. the Portuguese captured Sithewaka and started a Fortress at Hanwella in 1597 A.D. using the European architecture for a Fortress. The Dutch who landed in Sri Lanka in 1602 A.D. captured Hanwella Fortress from the Portuguses and they constructed a large and more beautiful fortress using “kabok” (latte rite) and completed the Fortress in 1684 A.D. After 1786 Hanwella Fortress came under the British rule and several battles with the Armies of the Kings of Kandy took place arounded the Hanwella Fortress.
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