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  Where to go? Historical Place, "Berendi Kovil"
About "Berendi Kovil"
The Berendi Kovil is surrounded by folklores describing its origins. The most popularly known story is that the Kovil was built by the King Rajasingha of Seethawaka, who killed his predecessor and father, King Mayadunne in 1587 by poisoning and took over the kingdom. After killing his father King Rajasingha suffered from guilt, but never found any solace in having followed Buddhism. While trying to run away from his own dark deeds, he turned to a Hindu priest named Aritta Kiwendu Perumal, who advised the King to build a Kovil dedicated to the demon goddess Bhadrakali or Lord Shiva and wash away his sins. The advice was well received and the King built the Kovil though it is not clear to whom it was dedicated.
This did not sit well with the Buddhist monks at the time and they constantly tried to change the King’s mind by trying to influence him to not convert to Hinduism. Wanting to escape from his karma, finding absolution in Hinduism and being manipulated by Aritta Kiwendu Perumal, it is said that the King turned against the Buddhist monks. The King ordered the death of 120 monks by drowning. The place where the King’s orders had been carried out is called the ‘Kanamadiriyan Wala’ a place right next to the Kovil on the river. The name itself suggests that the river hides a pit so deep that no light bigger than the light of a fire fly reaches its depths.
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